The following highlights in short form the various decisions made by the Board 

At its June 14, 2016 Meeting

1. Was informed that, following her appointment to the Senate, Lucie Moncion must step down from the Board effective December 2, 2016

2. Passed a resolution to congratulate Lucie Moncion on her appointment to the Senate and to thank her for her service on the Board

3. Elected Doug Potentier as President of the Board and Mark Needham as Vice-President of the Board

4. Decided not to fill the vacancy on the Board until the June 2017 AGM

5. Met with the Board members and the Executive Director of Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) and Co-operative Development Foundation, as CMC is the member of CCA

6. Considered and approved with the CCA and CDF Boards a recommendation on the office rental options starting July 1, 2017

7. Reviewed and discussed the Strategic Directions 2017-2020 and had a strategic discussion on how CMC supports its members

8. Discussed CMC’s involvement in Cooperativas Americas, a sector association of the International Co-operative Alliance

9. Received the Management Report and the Update on the 2016-2017 Operational Plan

10. Received an update on the CCIF

11. Received an update on the Communication Strategy

12. Approved Phase 1 of the CiviCRM Database Project

13. Approved the 150th Anniversary Project, which is to showcase on social media 150 stories of young co-operators

14. Approved the minutes of the August 28 to 30, and September 22 Board meetings

15. Approved amendments to numerous Policies and a new Policy on Reserves

16. Approved the use of up to $35,000 for each of the Database, Post-Secondary Education, CCIF and 150th Anniversary reserves until the end of this financial year

17. Received the draft minutes of the Committee meetings

18. Received the September 30, 2016 financial statements, the November 1, 2016 Compliance Checklist and the October 2016 Risk Management Report

The next Board meeting will take place on February 13, 2017 in Ottawa.

For more information, please contact Madeleine Brillant, Director, Corporate Affairs at 613-238-6712 ext. 225 or at mbrillant@canada.coop