CMC Delegates Conference: Highlights

CMC delegates from across the country gathered in Ottawa the first week of December to connect with fellow co-operators, learn and provide input into CMC’s strategic directions and share stories of co-operative innovation. 


CORE & Table des CP Meeting

Representatives from 13 of the 17 Francophone and Anglophone provincial associations met on Wednesday, November 30. Results from this meeting include: 

  • Updates on the achievements and challenges facing each organization
  • Discussion and updates on the progress of CMC’s Government Relations Strategy, Operational and Strategic plans
  • Review and discussion of the shared service business plan offer by the Consortium
  • Discussion on the operational challenges and the opportunities for federal government financing
  • CORE-TCP also participated in a joint session with Canada’s Emerging Co-operators to discuss and brainstorm co-op innovation strategy. 

CORE-TCP will meet again in person in June at the 2016 Co-operative Congress in Ottawa, ON.


Canada’s Emerging Co-operators met on Wednesday, November 30th. Highlights from their meeting include :

  • CEC welcomed 4 new members:

    • Musonda Yamfwa, St. Mary's Master of Co-operative Management
    • Vito Scuderi, Canadian Co-operative Association
    • Abigail Wilson, The Co-operators
    • Marc Henrie, CDR-Acadie
  • The new CEC Executive committee consists of: 
    • Lacey Chyz, Chair
    •  Andréa Renaud, Vice-Chair
    • Amanda Gilchrist, executive member
    • Vito Scuderi, executive member
  • ·CEC identified the following priorities for the coming year

    1. Year-round mentorship program

    2. Canada 150th anniversary project

    3. Communication and youth engagement 


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If you or someone you know are interested in participating in the CEC Mentorship Program, please visit HERE.

CMC Board of Directors

Please see HERE for an overview of the CMC Board Meetings on Tuesday, November 29th. 


CMC Board of Directors as of Thursday, June 16th 


 CMC Parliamentary RECEPTION

Delegates, Board Members, CEC, CORE and Table de CP as well as CMC staff gathered on Parliament Hill to mingle with Members of Parliament and Senators. More than 50 MPs and 10 Senators visited the Commonwealth Room in Centre Block to discuss the co-operative economy. The event was a success and many introductions and new relationships with policy makers will build positive momentum for CMC government relations efforts.

Having recently stepped down as CMC President, Lucie Moncion addressed the gathering in her new role as a Senator



The CMC Delegates meeting, the central gathering of the 3-day event, kicked off on Thursday, December 1st. Highlights from the meeting included:

  • An update and presentation from Impact Canada on the political climate in the US and its effect on Canada
  •  A presentation from Abacus Data and i2 on how co-operatives align with the federal government’s agenda
  • Delegates provided input on CMC’s strategic plan 2017 – 2020
  • Participants and delegates shared examples of innovation in their co-operative organizations
  • Daphne Rixon, CEARC, presented “the Co-operative Performance Index”
  • Fiona Duguid and Claude-André Guillotte updated delegates on the Needs Assessment for Higher Education and Co-operatives
  • Member of Parliament Alexandra Mendès brought greetings to the CMC delegates meeting




Three half-day workshops were offered to CMC delegates on Friday, December 2nd.

  • Workshop 1 was a roundtable discussion on governance for corporate secretaries.
  • Workshop 2 was focused on government relations and featured a presentation from Huw Williams (Impact Canada).
  • Workshop 3 was centered on Co-operative Innovation and on the Government of Canada’s Innovation Agenda. The workshop featured an expert panel including government representatives who offered their insights on how co-operatives can align with the innovation agenda. 


I enjoyed the format, with different speakers, presentations, breakout sessions and outings like the movie and the reception. I felt the length of the program was good and enjoyed my table discussions on CMC’s strategic plan and during the innovation session. Please, continue to incorporate a bit more programming that includes highlighting smaller co-ops like the worker co-ops we heard from in the innovation workshop, I thought that was excellent.
Transparent background
[Ideas for future events]

There should be a more interactive session on Higher Education, with more concrete discussion about what the sector can do (and why it is important)

How to get youth to be involved in older co-ops.(ag & diary)

More on Government Relations, how can CMC and CCUA work more closely together.



for the 2017 Co-operative CongresS

Tuesday, June 20 - Thursday, June 22

Ottawa, Ontario